Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Emo clothes are split into two main styles

Emo clothes are split into two main styles, street style and glam. ( Red: Emo Style - Emo Girl Definition )

Street style is the short of thing you might wear to college or just round a friends house, tight dark jeans with funky belt, band t-shirt, black or stripy jumper/hoody, and canvas sneakers or skate shoes.

Skirts are normally teamed up with stripy long socks or leg warmers, and pumps or sneakers. Glam style is what you would probably wear to a gig or night out, or if you are out to lunch with friends.

Smart shirts with an edgy cut in black or a very bright colour, ties for that sexy/smart St Trinians look in contrasting colours and funky patterns, designer tight jeans and some killer black or red high heels or wedge shoes.

Glam styles are always accessorized to the max, so go crazy with belts, bangles, necklaces, hairgrips, and badges - basically the works!

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