Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eye Liner Make Up

Eyeliner for Brown EyesIn this world, Color have its own attraction,Eye Liner Make Up, It may can be counted as most attractive for even first look as well. Brown Eyes make a lot charm when they have well finishing Make Up. but latest ERA teen girls are in conception of that, brown eyes doesn't make much trend. Golds, Bronzes, Shades are looked well with Brown Eyes.
EyelinerOnly Making-Up your only liner corner can be fit & work well, also taking the soft corners long can give a Cleopatra Look. for gives a perfect look, one should polish the lash lines. Intense Liner, and other Close Set Eyes opt should be thin. Big set eyes can be the inside corner of eyes.
Eyeliner for Eyeshere have we little talk about Eye Liner Make Up.

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