Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mehndi in Hands

Mehndi in Hands
MehndiMehndi In Hands, Its a great term and use as a tradition in Pakistan, Bangladesh & India. Not only young girls, the older women also use to Mehndi Designs on their hands. In West, Mehndi is seen as Tattoos or Hina Tattoos or Mehndi Tattoos.
Mehndi in HandsMehndi Designs on hands are mostly use on the wedding events, Eid Parties within Muslim and Hindu Festivals within Hindu's Festivals. In India, Indian Mehndi Designs are common and in Pakistan, Pakistani Mehndi Designs are common which are also mixed up with each other tradition.
Designs For MehndiIn Indian Mehndi Design, Vines & Scorpio Mehndi Designs are getting popular cause of its thanked, one can get rid of evil by these Mehndi Tattoos. other Leaves, Flowers & Camel Lips Hina Designs are also famous. Peacock Mehndi Design are symbol of Love & Luck. its also think, Dark Mehndi Designs to Newly bride, the Mother-In-Law will offer her full love towards newly bride.

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