Saturday, March 26, 2011

Afghanistan Salwar Kameez

Afghanistan Salwar Kameez

Afghanistan is a sovereign country bordered to the Pakistan, India and Iran, its a country, which is effect by the American invasion, but the country is also developed more cause of America, Cause old Taliban Govt. forced the ladies to wear the Afghanistan Women to wear the Salwar Kameez, although if we talk about the clothing of Afghan Women, that's the Salwar Kameez, there is not a single lie with it, Men also wear the Salwar Kameez in Afghanistan, as per these International level its called, Afghan Salwar Kameez or Afghanistan Salwar Kameez. These Clothing of Salwar Kameez in Afghanistan also reffered as Alif Laila Style's Salwar Kameez.

Afghan Fashion | Afghan Women
Now the Afghanistan is becoming modern its the tune of normal world, people are becoming educated but still there have war, that's why couldn't say anything. Now Afghan Women also watch the tv, travel the world, read the books, get educated.

Afghanistan Women
Afghanistan Salwar Kameez
Afghan Salwar Kameez
Afghan Salwar
Afghanistan Salwar

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